Services We Provide

At revertech, we believe at providing quality services to both B2C and B2B structures at low cost. We create trends for you. We combine creativity, analytics, & expertise for concrete results.

Web Development

Our team of proficient website developers help you to take your business to another level by creating user engaging web pages. With the help of our marketing team, we have analysed and developed different proven strategies to enhance the user experience by providing a dynamic website. You can choose services like Small business Website, corporate business Website design, Web Application development and e-commerce Website Design. Here at ReverTech, we make things easier for you. Therefore at a reasonable cost, we provide quality service to our customers. Moreover, we also provide services to B2B and B2C.

Digital Marketing

We always believe that your brand tells your story. Therefore our creative team delve into the needs of each client to create their unique brand. Online marketing has proven to be one of the powerful tools to market your business to reach a larger audience.

Why choose digital marketing?

It is one of the most cost-effective methods adopted by top business empires to reach potential customers using internet tools such as design, development, sales and advertising


Why intern with us?

Unlike the other platforms, we intend to provide rigorous mentoring support to children from world class mentors and students will get an opportunity to work on real life problems. The long one month or three month internship give students basic to advance knowledge in the area they have chosen. We focus on quality education at low cost.

  •   Long term

  •   Short term

Courses provided

  •   Web mining
  •   Python
  •   Web development
  •   Digital marketing
  •   Autocad
  •   Matlab
  •   3dsMax


The best time to bring students into STEM field is the school time. Therefore we take students from the boring classroom learning to the world of experimentation. We teach students newer technologies such as robotics and programming to ignite their curiosity.

  •   Schools

  •   Colleges

Courses provided

  •   Programming

  •   Robotics

Placement Training

Many type of myths or confusions arise in the children’s mind once they step out of college. We need to prepare students before they are implanted in the industrial sector.

Attend our placement training to do well in your placements and secure your dream company.

Courses provided

  •   Communication
  •   Aptitude
  •   Mock Interview
  •   Career guidance
  •   Group discussion

Our Initiatives

Women to Tech

Women to Tech aims to provide a platform to give equal opportunities to women in education and workplace. Through this campaign, we create the digital platform for women entrepreneurs to sell their products and take their business forward.

We believe in giving wings to every girls’ dream.